C O L I N   L E W I S   B o n s a i   A r t

I offer a broad range of professional services to individuals, groups, organizations and institutions. In addition to the services listed below, I am happy to design a presentation or program, or to write and illustrate works for publication in print or via digital media. I also have experience with video productions both behind and in front of the camera.

 S A L E S

I don't operate a production nursery but I am constantly creating new bonsai and improving existing ones. In principle, every tree in my collection is for sale although many are not offered yet for a variety of reasons. Those that I am ready to part with now can be found here. If you are interested in acquiring a bonsai that you may see in the gallery or other pages of this site, please email me to discuss.

 E D U C A T I O N

 Clubs and Study Groups

A full range of workshops, demonstrations and lectures at bonsai clubs or group meetings, at conventions and at exhibitions throughout the USA and Europe. Workshops can also be held in my bonsai garden in southern Maine, Please email me for availability and fees.
Intensive Weekend  Courses These are designed specifically for serious bonsai students in groups of no more than twelve. They cover in depth the practical, horticultural and aesthetic principles of the Ho Yoku School of Bonsai and take place on Friday evening, all day Saturday (Saturday evening optional) and all day Sunday. Please email me for more details.
Individual Tuition One-to-one tuition on all aspects of bonsai, generally but not exclusively using the students' trees as working examples of the techniques and aesthetics. These can take place either in the student's home or in my bonsai garden in southern Maine. Please email me for availability and fees.
Educational Institutions Presentations on the artistic, cultural and/or horticultural aspects of bonsai for institutions such as museums, botanical institutions, art colleges etc. Please email me to discuss.

 C O N S U L T A N C Y

Private Collections

I work with individuals and institutions to develop, refine and maintain their collections on a contractual or ad hoc basis. Emphasis is placed on encouraging clients to understand what is being done and why, and to continue with routine and developmental work between visits.
Evaluations Assessment of individual trees or entire collections for future quality potential. Entire collections or individual specimens valued for insurance, sales, asset calculation or other purposes. Absolute confidentiality guaranteed.
Acquisitions and Sales I can search for specimen bonsai of a particular style or species and broker the purchase to ensure clients gain the best value. I am always willing to discuss the purchase of unwanted specimen bonsai, semi-trained or raw material, or even entire collections. Similarly, I can broker the sale of specimen bonsai from clients' collections.

 E D I T O R I A L   S E R V I C E S

Original Works

I have written seven books and countless magazine articles on all aspects of bonsai - aesthetic, practical and horticultural. I have a number of articles prepared for publication and two concepts for books that are ready to be completed. Additionally, I accept reasonable commissions from publishers in most sectors.
Peer Reviews
Confidential peer reviews of other authors' texts and illustrations. Contributions on bonsai to non-bonsai publications as well as specialist bonsai publications.