C O L I N   L E W I S   B o n s a i   A r t
T H E   M A G I C   O F   L I V E   S P H A G N U M   M O S S

AS I've said many times, sphagnum moss is by far the best rooting medium on the planet, and fresh, live sphagnum beats the dried stuff hands down. Sphagnum is built largely of 'barrel' cells which can retain vast amounts of moisture, but the branched structure ensures more than enough air spaces when used in association with roots. 

The zinc based antiseptic properties of sphagnum moss - a naturally occurring antibiotic called tropolene - destroy
the anaerobic bacteria that cause root decay. Live sphagnum was used as a wound dressing in field hospitals during the first and early part of the second world wars. It is the only organic packing material permitted by the USDA for bare rooted, imported plants.

When dried, especially when kiln dried, sphagnum loses its antiseptic properties and the collapsed barrel cells are not so efficient at storing moisture or maintaining an open structure. Whatever you use sphagnum moss for, live moss will out-perform the dry dead version by a high margin, every time. 

Live Sphagnum moss for Bonsai - roots love it!
Air layering - nothing works better than live sphagnum moss.
As a top dressing on newly repotted trees to encourage roots to colonize the top layers of soil.
As an organic soil component - retains water but drains well, will not compact, helps prevent root decay!
As a recovery medium - weakened trees recover quickly when planted in pure, live sphagnum.
As a 'band-aid' for bonsai - wrap weakened or broken branches or fragile live veins in moist live sphagnum to keep them turgid and hasten recovery.

Supplies now available!
I can now offer responsibly harvested live sphagnum moss. It can only be gathered during October to early November, and during May to mid-June, depending on the season. Although there is an abundance, I harvest no more than twenty percent from any one mound. Since supplies may be limited, orders will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

How to store Sphagnum moss
Because of the unpredictability of supply, it's best to order right now, but freshly-gathered sphagnum will live perfectly well in its unopened bag for several months, often up to a year, if kept outside in semi-shade.  Opened bags can be taped closed to prevent evaporation.

Grow your own Sphagnum moss colony
You can grow your own sphagnum easily using some of the moss I send you: Simply put a few inches of peat in the bottom of a wash bowl, oil pan, or similar, and lay the sphagnum green side up on top, nestling the underside into the peat a little. Top up with water, place in semi-shade and keep the peat saturated at all times. Within a year or so a couple of small, baseball-size clumps should fill the entire bowl.

Neither freezing temperatures, snow nor solid ice will deter your moss from growing.

Email me with your order now to ensure you have a supply on hand for spring.

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